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John Troy
My name is John Troy.  My wife and partner's name is Carol. We live in rural North Carolina north of Chapel Hill in a place called Cedar Grove. Carol and I are the innovators and producers of Macalat Sugar Free Dark Chocolate. Macalat has captured our heart and soul as a worthy hands-on project at a time when high quality Cacao is being recognized as a wholesome functional superfood and at the same time, excess sugar in our food supply is raising a lot of eyebrows with its adverse side effects. Here’s the story on Macalat's emergence.





It is high time to challenge the status quo of sugar in chocolate. Sugar doesn’t need to be in chocolate to truly enjoy a fine organic cacao. We have already seen the benefits of using functional superfood ingredients as plant tonics and we delight in tweaking and finding synergies in these wholesome flavors. We knew there had to be a way to balance and sweeten fine cacao without using sugar or sacrificing great taste.

Maca RootWe first began making our own chocolate when we were unable to find an existing chocolate that fits our sugarless diet lifestyle and satisfies our taste buds, too. We pretty much follow the Paleo and other sugar free diets and the recommendations of Dr. David Perlmutter. We grow our own organic veggies and spend a lot of time both in the kitchen and garden. We supplement our diet with many nutrient dense superfoods like Cacao, Matcha Green Tea, Lucama, Monk Fruit and Maca that are in Macalat. We are fascinated by the emergence of these ingredients from ancient cultures like Peru. We appreciate the synergy of these superfoods that brighten our day. We are fusion super foodies, too, and appreciate the culinary art of exploring ever more delicious flavor profiles.

We are focused on getting ALL the sugar out of chocolate without it being a negative and replacing the sugar with functional superfoods to compliment the Cacao. We see a place for Macalat with savvy consumers who are serious about the quality of Cacao and want more nutrition and less sugar and/or hidden sugars and not wanting anything artificial or phony to take their place. Non-GMO and organic ingredients now go without saying for us. Our mission is simply to do really fine, sugar free organic dark chocolate, right.

Macalat Shop
It was difficult to find an existing company to produce Macalat for us. So, we fashioned an artisan chocolate shop out of our guesthouse with six Indian stone grinders, two tempering machines, chocolate tools, hi-racks, molds and all the accessories. We schooled and honed our skills in the art of formulating, grinding and tempering organic chocolate.




A breakthrough in sugar free dark chocolate 

Organic Sugar Free Dark Chocolate
Sugar is the elephant in the chocolate room. We found that taking all the sugar out of chocolate changes the paradigm. This brings up a number of challenges. Sugar has been such a significant part of the standard of identity of chocolate from its inception and is assumed to be a critical ingredient in the recipe in order to mitigate the astringent flavor notes that develop in Cacao beans during the fermentation process. Sugar serves in the consistency of the finished confection, as well. Sugar sweetens the finish and tastes really good in chocolate, no doubt. And sugar is cheap, bulking up an otherwise expensive healthy food ingredient. But sugar has a downside that is becoming more and more evident every day. The sugar "up" is short-lived and the negative side effects of sugar are becoming all too well known with so much new scientific and clinical data coming forth every day. Diabetics and insulin resistance patients cannot tolerate sugar at all. It's not healthy habit for the kids, either. We wanted to offer a chocolate option without sacrificing the uplift and the pleasure of great tasting chocolate.

We thought outside the box to create an honest sugar free dark chocolate without using anything the least bit artificial or phony. 

Using a systemic approach at mitigating the Cacao bean's astringency, we first accentuated and broadened the flavor profile by identifying and enhancing the inherent sweet notes in Peruvian Criollo Cacao with superfoods. At the same time, we stayed on focus in keeping Macalat an authentic Peruvian Dark Chocolate. We tried different Cacao roasts to find the best flavor. We found that natural fermented Maize crystals (Erythritol) served functionally in a way similar to sugar in the grinding process, without actually adding any sugar. We found that Lucuma and Monk Fruit lend a transparent, caramel-like sweetness even better than sugar. We discovered that Lucuma has some of the same functionality as milk in smoothing the aggressive clawback in the finish. Maca brought malted flavor tones that marry well with caramel notes. We made many, many different batches, tinkering, tasting and listening to critical feedback, brainstorming and tapping into our years of experience in organic flavor development. We scrutinized and tried many ingredients, different sources, and explored benefits and how they work together with one another. We explored the cacao world, thoroughly, and put our insights to work.

Organic Peruvian Cacao
The foundation of Macalat is a gold standard recipe made with Organic Peruvian Cacao. The warm Cacao elixir provides a liquid medium in the stone grinder, incorporating the additional functional ingredients as the grinding drives off any lingering volatile bitter compounds and, at the same time, reduces particle size for a smooth mouth feel.

The next challenge is to replace the sugar buzz, too. The Maca, Lucuma and Matcha Green Tea work together along with the Peruvian Cacao to deliver the added lift while at the same time, providing the delightful sweetness without the need for any sugar.

Organic Sugar Free Dark ChocolateWhen the grinding in finished, the warm elixir is critically tempered and seeded to insure the proper Beta crystals dominate for a superior mouthfeel. Following a dance of measured time and temperature, it is hand ladled into pillow bar forms to set. This brings about the nice sheen and snap of a silky smooth rich Couverture chocolate. Eight little square sweets make up a single bar which is four servings so one may share or save a bite for later. Two pieces make a serving. Macalat is hand wrapped in a protective colorful tinfoil to prevent the Cacao Butter from being absorbed into the outer wrapper as well as protecting the organic Cacao from absorbing foreign aromas. The foil is useful in re-wrapping remaining pieces.  

It's hard to believe that Macalat has zero sugar and still taste so good, but it is true. Everyone can now enjoy fine chocolate, including those following Paleo, diabetic and insulin resistant diets. Macalat is also Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, low carb and Stevia Free. The kids really love it, too, without ever missing the sugar. Give Macalat a try. You won’t regret it. Tasting is believing.

John Troy is the originator and developer of many trending flavor profiles in the organic marketplace today. John's original product was Wizard Baldour's Power Pac, one of the very first power bars in the seventies. John is the originator of Honey Mustard dressing that is now global in scope. John developed and produced many organic dressings, sauces and condiments under the Whole Foods 365 Organic label that are in distribution nationwide at all WFM. John formulated, produced and consulted with many brands including Annie’s, The Wizard, Central Market, Spectrum, Litehouse, Simply Delicious, Earth Fare, Charlie Trotter, OrganicVille and Kraft Foods. John developed and produced bottled sugar free products for Dr. Robert Atkins. 

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