Macalat Emerges

Hello. Thanks for visiting The Macalat Shop. My name is John Troy.  I am the formulator of Macalat. This past year, I began to make my own chocolate, not finding a treat that truly fits my diet. I like a lot of super foods in my diet and want it to really taste good, too. I no longer eat sugar, cheap vegetable fats, GMOS or gluten. I prefer pure, sugar-free, organic, nutrient dense, good fat and low carb ingredients that have real benefits I feel good about. I like Cacao and the advantages but no longer eat sugar and I dislike tastes that are so astringent and have a bitter finish that lingers on my palette.

Let me share my journey in food. I love all aspects of food from growing, recipes, and pairings to dining and sharing at gatherings. Preparing and sharing food has been at the center of fine fellowship all my life. Carol and I began our first food company 35 years ago as a cottage industry. It was one of the very first power bars, called, Wizard Baldour's Power Pac. That initiated a wonderful career in natural and organic food.

I am a pioneer of many natural and organic flavor profiles in the marketplace today and was the originator of Honey Mustard dressing that is now global in scope. I developed, sourced and produced the many organic dressings, sauces and condiments under the Whole Foods 365 Organic label that are in distribution nationwide at all Whole Foods Markets. I consulted with, mentored and produced many other successful brands including The Wizard, Premier Japan, Whole Foods Fresh 365, Annie’s, Central Market, Spectrum, Litehouse, Simply Delicious, Earth Fare, Charlie Trotter, OrganicVille and Kraft Foods. I also developed and produced sugar-free products for Dr. Robert Atkins. I was CEO of one of the largest certified organic bottlers of sauces, dressing and condiments in the world, The Wizard's Cauldron. It was all about innovation with using food as a delicious delivery system for phytonutrients. It was successful and changed the condiment category in our organic grocery isles.

This new inspiration in Chocolate formulation bloomed as I started to develop an innovative way to offer Cacao with other beneficial super foods and spices without the need for sugar. Like panning for gold, I started collecting many ingredients and recipes, mixing them together in different versions, carefully tasting and then omitting the ones that didn't fit perfectly with flavor, mouthfeel and benefits. I scrutinized every ingredient, source, and benefits and how they worked synergistically with one another.

I created a Chocolate lab In my Wizard’s Den, with two artisan stone grinders, two tempering machines, chocolate tools and all the accessories. Carol is my silent partner. Her thumb up is a big deal for me. We love to work together, especially with food. We both view plants as medicine. We honed our skills in the art of Chocolatiering. The fascinating alchemy of chocolate with grinding and tempering opened a culinary wonderland of origination. We spent this past year doing intensive research, tinkering, tasting, tweaking different ingredients, listening to critical feedback and drawing on years of experience in organic flavor development. Finally, a recipe and process to offer the benefits of Cacao and other super foods availed itself as Macalat Shamanic Chocolate.

There is an inherent simplicity and grace in the formation of Macalat. It starts with a gold standard recipe of fine couverture chocolate that is rich enough to embrace other Shamanic ingredients and spices. Organic Cacao, gelatinized Maca, Matcha Green Tea, Madagascar Vanilla and Andes Coffee, along with a selection of Shamanic spices are all stone ground together, producing an exotic dark elixir. It takes many hours with stone wheels rolling over solid granite, generating the warmth needed to keep the Cacao butter fluid while the ingredients are grinding, refining and equilibrating. The exotic aromatic Macalat flavor and potency manifests in this phase. When the grinding in finished, the warm elixir is critically tempered and poured into their forms to set up.

The warm elixir sets fully in a few hours, releasing itself out of its form. Eight little pillow-piece squares make up a single bar. Macalat is hand wrapped in a thin colorful metal foil to prevent the Cacao Butter from being absorbed into the outer wrapper as well as protecting the couverture chocolate from absorbing foreign aromas. The outer wrapper provides additional cushioning to protect the delicate pillows of premium chocolate. Macalat induces a calm alertness and deep sense of wellbeing with a sweet aromatic finish without the need for added sugar or anything else the least bit questionable. Macalat is a perfect fit for Paleo, diabetic and insulin resistant dieters, those on sugar-free and low carb diets, Vegans, and those who are gluten intolerant. The kids love it, too, without ever missing the sugar.

Shamans of all cultures view plants as medicine. Shamanic infers that Macalat is made with the art of sensing, preparing, using and combining healthy ingredients with beneficial spices that are loaded with phytonutrients. Sugar is counter-productive in a Shamanic recipe and no longer required for a sweet taste. Shamanic also refers to the time honored artisan way of using stone grinding and the warmth of fire as the alchemist’s tools that transform and fuse ingredients for the very best taste as well as the bioavailability of nutrients. A Shamanic Chocolate will taste just as good to you, as it is for you.

Then, there is the magic in the synchronicity of the emergence of Macalat. Macalat is a gift with a real sassy and savvy attitude that defies the notion of doer-ship and contrivance with its integrity. I hope you will try Macalat. You won’t regret it.



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