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Organic Sugar-free Dark Chocolate Tastes as Good To You As It Is For You

Macalat Chocolate Wizardry

Organic Sugar Free Peruvian CacaoMacalat Chocolate Wizardry started out with a gold standard 70% dark chocolate Couverture recipe. Then, it was completely reinvented and transformed into what emerged as Macalat.

The Cacao is PetuvianWhat the fine Arabica bean is to coffee, the even finer and rarer Peruvian Criollo bean is to chocolate. Criollo chocolate has a distinctly reddish color, and an equally distinctive complex taste which includes flavors of caramel, nuts, tobacco and vanilla with a hint of Malt. It is also rich in Cacao butter which makes it smoother and less astringent. Proper roasting, like roasting coffee beans, brings out its aromatic flavor notes and deepens others. This Peruvian Cacao is an excellent foundation to build an authentic, decadent, organic, sugar-free, bitter free dark chocolate recipe.

The second ingredient in conventional chocolate is sugar. The challenge is to replace all the sugar with functional, nutrient dense superfoods. Mitigating the astringent taste that results from Cacao bean fermentation without using sugar is wizardry. 

The sugar rush is another key component of why we like chocolate. Cacao is a wonderful superfood. Sugar, while tasting really nice with Cacao, is the primary suspect in creating many health issues and adverse side effects that plague the prospects for a healthy society. Unlike Cacao, sugar is not a wholesome nutritious food. It is the elephant in the chocolate room. The unsuspecting are getting addicted to sugar, not Cacao. It is unfortunate, that these two ingredients need to be formulated and consumed together. Many offerings have more sugar than Cacao! The sugar rush is not sustained with the downside of a sugar "letdown". The many side effects include insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay. This is certainly a risk not worth indulging in for the long term.

It need not be that way. Macalat replaces all the sugar, in systemic ways without sacrificing taste or resorting to artificial sweeteners, popular coconut sugars, agave and fruit sugars that are really the same as sugar. In other words, we use nutrient dense, scrumptious  superfoods instead of sugar to balance and sweetened the Cacao. 

Maca ChocolateScrumptious, nutrient dense superfoods originating in places like Peru are emerging in our food supply for the first time. There are unrecognized synergies of these superfoods that provide natural sweetness and aromatic flavor as well as an energy boost. Two of those functional superfoods are Lucuma and Maca. They grow at high altitudes in Peru and are very nutrient dense with sweet caramel and malted flavor notes. They deliver the sugar's energy rush without sugar's downside. Lucuma and Maca also provide the alertness and sense of well-being that brightens your outlook. Fermented Maize crystals provide grist for the mill as  well as a mild sweetness. The Macalat name and flavor comes from a fusion of the words and flavor of Maca, Lucuma and Chocolate. Thus, Macalat

Lucuma is noteworthy as a "superfood" and plant tonic in Peru. Lucama is Peru's favorite flavor of ice cream. In Peru, Lucuma is known as, "Incan Gold". Lucuma marries well with Dark Cacao similar to the way that milk solids are used for caramel flavors in milk chocolate. Both mitigate the astringent clawback of fermented Cacao. Maca enhances the Malt flavor. Lucuma and Maca along with Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon marry the nice sweet succulent notes into one tantalizing and satisfying chocolate flavor. 

Monk Fruit Flavor, Fermented Maize, Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean support the primary ingredients. The finishing touch is a bit of Organic Mushroom Mycelium from the stem that miraculously takes the bite out of bitter as the chocolate melts in your mouth, revealing the exotic Macalat flavor in all its splendor and goodness.


Monk Fruit ChocolateMonk fruit is the sweet flavor of the future. Monk Fruit is a small melon that has been cultivated in the pristine mountains of Southern China for centuries. Monk Fruit got its name from the presence of Buddhist monks living there who used the juice of the melon for centuries as a sweet flavor as well as a plant tonic for medicinal purposes such as Asthma.  Monk Fruit imparts a warm aromatic sweetness that is free of bitter off-notes often found in alternative herbal sweeteners like Stevia. It is a perfect companion with Cacao, Maca, Maize and Lucuma.

ClearTaste ChocolateThe elixir is stone ground together for 50 hours to produce an extraordinary, smooth, creamy Superfood fusion. Shearing the ingredients under stone wheels rolling over solid granite reduces particulate size to a velvety smoothness of below 20 microns, too small for the tongue to feel. The warmth of the friction melts the Cacao liquor into a liquid potion and the aromatic flavors and phytonutrients of the botanicals release into the warm concoction. Astringent notes further disappear as the relentless shear drives off the more bitter volatile compounds, further enhancing the sweetness and marrying the ingredients. This part is called "conching". Here, in this Cauldron of blending, refining and equilibrating, it all melds together, perfectly, into a smooth sugarless Organic Dark Chocolate with the rich flavor of Organic Peruvian Criollo Cacao and the full potency of bio nutrients totally available for you.

Macalat Organic Sugar Free Dark ChocolateThe final step is tempering. Tempering and seeding the liquid Macalat helps the chocolate to precipitate the Beta crystals, one of five crystals in Cacao butter, to produce the desirable snap, sheen and mouth feel. This is the crystal that melts just below body temperature. It gets ride of the shards and chalky taste found in many dark chocolates. You notice it in the smoothness as it melts in your mouth. The tempered Macalat is lastly ladled into their 8 pillow-piece bar molds. This seals in the magic, allowing the delicate crystals in the Cacao butter to precipitate, holding its form until Macalat melts in your mouth, releasing all its goodness.





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